Immune monitoring of COVID-19

Immune monitoring of COVID-19 allows us to study in depth the immune status of the patients, which can provide prognostic value in terms of recovery dynamics. Therefore, clinical and therapeutic decisions based on this knowledge result in better and more personalized care for patients.

The PIDOT and IgH-Isotype subclasses have been designed by the EuroFlow™ consortium and are included within a perfectly tested, validated and standardized methodology.

The complete standardization of the methodology allows the use of reference databases with numerical and immunophenotypic data from healthy donors. The analysis and automatic reporting provided by the Infinicyt™ software permits a powerful and visual evaluation of all lymphocyte subpopulations for a better understanding of the immune context of the patient.

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Cytognos NGF solution for immune monitoring COVID-19
and other pathologies using the PIDOT and Ig Subclasses kits
Javier Silván Montoya, PhD, Cytognos, S.L.

Antibody panels and characteristics


  • The standardized panel was used to create a database that describes the frequency and absolute count of all cell populations that can be identified in a peripheral blood sample.
  • Functional and maturation specific markers with clinical value are included in this combination to identify quickly and unequivocally all cell subsets.
  • High sensitivity close to 10-6.
BV421* BV510* FITC PE PerCP-Cyanine5.5 PE-Cyanine7 APC APC-C750™
CD27 CD45RA CD8+SmIgD CD16+CD56 CD4+SmIgM CD19+TCRgd CD3 CD45

*The CD27 and CD45RA antibodies selected by EuroFlow™ for the violet laser are not included in the kit.

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IgH-Isotype subclases

In contrast to immunoglobulin levels in serum, more dynamic changes are observed at a cellular level for total B-cell numbers and relative distribution of the B-cell compartment in peripheral blood.

  • Age-related reference values are available when using this IgH isotype B-cell tube together with CD27, IgM, CD21, CD24, CD19, SmIgD, CD5, CD38.
    This combination give accurate and robust information even in infant low-volume samples.
  • Response to vaccination can be predicted in elderly patients with reduced ability to produce antigen-specific antibodies.
  • The evaluation of plasma cell (PC) counts can be used as a surrogate marker for future PC production in bone marrow.

EuroFlow™ has designed two versions of this panel, adapted to 8-color and 12-color flow cytometers, which differ on the fluorochrome-marker combinations and the number of tubes used.

12-color panel

FITC PE PerCP-Cyanine5.5 APC
Tube 1 IgG2+IgG3 IgG1+IgG2 IgA1+IgA2 IgA1+IgG4

8-color panel

Tube 1 IgG2+IgG4 IgG1+IgG2
Tube 2 IgA1+IgG3 IgA1+IgA2

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