Next Generation Flow™ solution
for Monocyte subsets tube (TiMaScan™)

TiMaScan Project
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Monocyte subsets tube (TiMaScan™)

  • Pre-mixed combination allows for the accurate detection and enumeration of the main monocyte subsets.
  • Three different maturation stages of monocytes circulate and can be encountered in peripheral blood samples. They are defined according to their immunophenotype: Classical, Intermediate and Non-classical.
Pacific Blue™ OC515™ PerCP-Cyanine5.5 PE-Cyanine7 APC-C750™
HLA-DR CD45 CD14 CD300e CD16

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  • Easy processing of big data files of 10 million events.
  • The Automatic Population Separator (APS) highlights the markers that are most significant to identify all populations.
  • Analysis strategies can be stored in the profile.
  • Reference Images for comparison between samples from the same patient or between patients, identification of maturation patterns, etc.


  • Relevant comments and conclusions can be stored as keywords and included in the TiMaScan™ report.
  • Export results in formats compatible with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

Well-prepared technical support team with scientific-based knowledge and practical experience to help you implement Next Generation Flow™

Cytognos Technical Support team has the required experience, know-how and training resources to achieve successful implementation of the NGF methodology independently of the site (public and private hospitals, research facilities or other). The following points are addressed during technical support:

  • SOPs for cytometer set-up: Instrument standardization introduced in all labs.
  • SOPs and stable lyophilized kits for sample processing: Inter and intra laboratory reproducibility.
  • Data analysis: Exclusive tools for multiparametric data analysis and reporting.

Technical support is available through email, webinars or onsite visits. Cytognos provides a variety of solutions and products specifically aimed at the implementation of Next Generation Flow™ in your laboratory. Feel free to contact us and learn more about  our technical support.


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