What’s Next Generation Flow™?

Next Generation Flow™ (NGF) is based on the standardization of every step of the process from sample preparation to expert-guided automated reporting. Cytognos, in collaboration with EuroFlow™, offers a complete and scientific-based solution to cover all the needs of a clinical laboratory, including the support of our highly specialized technical team:

  • Setting up and technical implementation of the EuroFlow™ SOPs.
  • Staining of samples using the NGF product line.
  • Acquisition of samples in compatible cytometers.
  • Automated data analysis and reporting using Infinicyt™.

Next Generation Flow™ has emerged in recent years as a solution to overcome the limitations of 1st generation (conventional) flow cytometry and also, as a complement to genetic and imaging methodologies.

Download EuroFlow Workflow Poster
Download EuroFlow PID Workflow Poster

What are the advantages of Next Generation Flow™?

  • The EuroFlow™ NGF panels were developed in different centers taking into account the availability of specific antibody clones and fluorochrome conjugates, literature and the experience and knowledge of all the centers involved.
  • Several rounds of validation, using unbiased software algorithms, were performed to obtain the most efficient combination per disease category.
  • Standardization promoted by the publication of clear guidelines for sample collection, instrument settings, data acquisition and data analysis.
  • Selection of core markers for the correct identification of cells of interest in all tubes of a panel.
  • Publication by EuroFlow™ of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and validated reagents.
  • Lyophilized kits that include all auxiliary reagents for sample preparation.
  • Lot-to-lot reproducibility is assured in Cytognos reagents.
  • Improved processing protocols to reach the required sensitivity for each assay (e.g. close to 10-6 for monitoring).
  • EuroFlow™ has established a complete quality assessment scheme aimed at monitoring the whole flow cytometry analysis (cytometer settings, sample preparation, acquisition and analysis).
  • Development and validation of novel software tools for pattern recognition, multivariate analysis and standard reporting.
  • The Automated Gating & Identification tool and the Compass tool in Infinicyt™ 2.0 allow automated analysis of samples and automatic reporting of results. These tools use the data within the EuroFlow™ databases to obtain an objective, consistent and expert-based analysis of samples.

A strong technical support team with the scientific-based knowledge and practical experience to implement Next Generation Flow™

What is the Next Generation Flow™ workflow?
Who contributed to the development of the NGF?
How can the NGF methodology be implemented?
Who can benefit from Cytognos NGF solution?
How does Cytognos contribute to the implementation of the NGF?

What are the characteristics of NGF?

  • The laboratory workflow is standardized from sample preparation to data analysis as published in consensus guidelines by the EuroFlow™ consortium: www.euroflow.org.
  • Validated SOPs are available as part of the EuroFlow™ NGF solution so no extra in-home validation needed.
  • External validation available through the EuroFlow™ QA program.
  • Unique combinations of fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies allow for a clear identification between aberrant phenotypes, normal and reactive patterns in the multidimensional space.
  • Time for implementation is reduced, due to the extensive validation of all the panels performed by the EuroFlow™ consortium by using unbiased software algorithms to select the best markers and fluorochromes.
  • Time- and cost-efficiency improvement: the use of kits reduces operational mistakes, pipetting time and inventory management requirements.
  • All the reagents must pass a strict quality control that guarantees low variability between lots according to EuroFlow™ standards.
  • The lyophilized format results in a reduced staining variability due to its prolonged stability.
  • Each assay has pre-specified number of events to be collected in order to reach the required sensitivity.

Next Generation Flow™ solution for Oncohematology

Next Generation Flow™ solution for Immunology

Next Generation Flow™ solution for Clinical trials

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