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Clinical Immunology Flow Cytometry solutions by Cytognos:

Cytognos is a clinical flow cytometry company providing solutions for Primary Immunodeficiencies and Immunemonitoring that help in standardizing your laboratory practice while improving patient care.

Response to Covid-19

Cytognos is providing diagnostic and research flow cytometry tools to get the full picture of the immune status of the patient and to study the immune response to vaccine antigens.

Primary immunodeficiencies (PID)

PIDOT kit for Screening

In the diagnostic workup of patients suspected of PID, an accurate flow cytometry immunophenotyping is essential for guiding further functional and genetic testing.

Cytognos offers a highly sensitive Screening test for Primary Immunodeficiencies coupled with normal control values from newborns to elderly age groups for a reproducible and sensitive detection of all the lymphoid immunodeficiencies (B-, T- and NK-).

It has been validated  on 250 healthy controls and 99 PID patients with defined genetic defects by the EuroFlow™ group – EuroFlow™ is an independent scientific foundation focused on Primary Immunodeficiencies and Immune Monitoring applications by flow cytometry.

Check out the publication supporting the use of this method here.

Check out what our customers are saying about the evaluation of Primary Immunodeficiencies by our Next Generation Flow (NGF) approach:

The role of Flow Cytometry in the laboratory approach of Primary Immunodeficiency
Catarina Martins, PhD

Ig subclasses kit for B cell characterization

To help you identify selective IgA deficiencies, IgH subclass deficiencies and various types of CVID, Cytognos offers the IgH-isotype B-cell reagent kit coupled with a database of normal B and plasma cells reference ranges by 13 different age groups validated by EuroFlow™.

This approach allows you to detect B cell maturation changes at cellular level, overcoming the challenges of serum blood testing in patients treated with hyperimmune plasma.

Check out the publication describing the age-associated distribution of normal B-cell and plasma cell subsets in peripheral blood here.

Contact info:
Irene González – Key Account Manager, East Coast (US) and Canada – igonzalez@cytognos.com