Lymphoclonal™-12 is an 8-color mixture including 12 antibodies, designed to simultaneously determine, in peripheral blood, bone marrow and other body fluids, the major lymphocyte subpopulations including T-cells (CD3+), B-cells (CD19+ CD20+) and NK-cells (CD3- CD56+), as well as helper (CD3+ CD4+) and cytotoxic (CD3+ CD8+) T-cell subsets and B-cell subsets with light chain immunophenotype Kappa (CD19+ SmIgκ+) and Lambda (CD19+ SmIgλ+).In comparison to the Lymphoclonal™-9 kit, this combination also includes CD5 and CD10 antibodies, making possible complete assessment of normal B-cell maturation and subclassification of B-cell lymphoma, and CD38 antibody for the identification of other leukocyte populations (e.g. plasma cells). Likewise, the lyophilized form provides a more stable mixture.

Pacific Blue™ OC515™ FITC PE PerCP-Cyanine5.5 PE-Cyanine7 APC APC-C750™
CD4 + CD20 CD45 CD8 + SmIgLambda CD56 + SmIgKappa CD5 CD19 CD3 + CD10 CD38


B-cell stages analysis in a bone marrow sample stained with Lymphoclonal™-12

*Nguyen V et al. Customised single tube 14 parameter, 8 colour Lymphoma Screening Panel. Poster session at: 38th Annual Scientific Meeting Australasian Cytometry Society; 2015 Oct 11-14; Perth, Australia.

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This product should be used in combination with the EuroFlow™ Standard Operation Procedures for instrument setup:

  • The protocol for BD FACSCanto™ II “EuroFlow SOP for Instrument set-up and compensation Version 1.2.1 – 29 October 2019” can be downloaded here.
  • The protocol for BD FACSLyric™  “EuroFlow SOP for instrument set-up and compensation for BD Lyric instrument for the 8-color panels Version 1.8 – 1 July 2019” can be downloaded here.