The Primary Immunodeficiency Orientation Tube (PIDOT) is comprised of a pre-mixed 6-color 10-antibody combination and two single antibody vials: CD27-BV421 and CD45RA-BV510. The panel is designed for the screening of suspected primary immunodeficiencies by flow cytometry using BD FACSCanto™ II and/or BD FACSLyric™. It is intended to be used for staining of peripheral blood specimens. It can be used to study the changes in the relative distribution of the different leukocyte populations and sub-populations.

The Primary Immunodeficiency Orientation Tube recognizes the following antigens: CD45RA, CD27, CD8, IgD, CD16, CD56, CD4, IgM, CD19, TCR-γδ, CD3 and CD45. 

The kit is composed of

  • Lyophilized Antibody Combination Tube:
    • Four (4) lyophilized vials of 5 tests for surface staining that contain:
      • Antibody anti human , clone: IADB6/UCHT-4, isotype: IgG2a/IgG2a
      • Antibody anti human CD16/CD56-PE, clone: 3G8/C5.9, isotype: IgG1/IgG2b
      • Antibody anti human CD4/IgM-PerCP-5, clone: RPA-T4/MHM-88, isotype: IgG1/IgG1
      • Antibody anti human CD19/TCRγδ-PE-7, clone: SA287/11F2, isotype: IgG2a/IgG1
      • Antibody anti human CD3-APC, clone: UCHT-1, isotype: IgG1
      • Antibody anti human CD45-APC-C750™, clone: HI30, isotype: IgG1
  • Antibody vials in liquid Format:
    • Two liquid antibody vials of 50 test each
      • Anti-human CD45RA-BV510 antibody, clone: HI100 isotype: IgG2b
      • Anti-human CD27-BV421 antibody, clone: M-T271, isotype: IgG1

This product should be used in combination with the EuroFlow™ Standard Operation Procedures for instrument setup:

  • The protocol for BD FACSCanto™ II “EuroFlow SOP for Instrument set-up and compensation Version 1.2.1 – 29 October 2019” can be downloaded here.
  • The protocol for BD FACSLyric™  “EuroFlow SOP for instrument set-up and compensation for BD Lyric instrument for the 8-color panels Version 1.8 – 1 July 2019” can be downloaded here.