Licensing options

There are 3 types of Infinicyt™ licenses which differ on their User and Security formats. The User formats (Standalone and Network) provide access to one or more than one Infinicyt™ concurrent users at the same time. The Security formats (Hardware and Software) allow to authenticate access to the software through different means, using a USB dongle or an installed application.

Choose the Infinicyt™ license that best suits your personal and team requirements. Keep in mind that all these licenses have the same price and it only changes depending on the number of concurrent users needed.

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Hardware Security Standalone License

This is the most common licensing option used by hundreds of users all around the world. When you acquire Infinicyt™ you will receive a USB dongle that you will connect to each workstation when you want to use Infinicyt™. Depending on the total amount of concurrent users you might need one or more USB dongles to be connected to each workstation. Remember to keep the dongles in a safe place since each of them is the only key to access your Infinicyt™ license

Hardware Security Network License

Licensing option for those working in a Network environment where several users might need Infinicyt™ at the same or different time. An USB dongle will be connected usually to your physical server and each workstation will be connected to the network of that server. This option enables enhanced safety for your Infinicyt™ licenses since your only dongle is always connected to the server in a secure location. On the other hand, workstations must be always connected to the Infinicyt™ network, and users should agree on their use of Infinicyt™ based on the number of available licenses. A minimum of two licenses are required in order to apply for a Network license.

Software Security Standalone License

Individual user licensing option best suited for people who will always use Infinicyt™ on the same workstation. The Software Security format requires the installation of the Infinicyt™ key on the workstation where Infinicyt™ will be used (instead of connecting a USB dongle). Components of the workstation should not be modified to avoid loss of the license but is possible to transfer the license to another workstation if required (for example when purchasing a new computer).