Compatibility and Requirements

Files and cytometers

Infinicyt™ reads FCS files from cytometers that follow the FCS standard 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 (Learn more about this topic in our FAQs).


Infinicyt™ 2.0 and the Database Connector can be installed on a computer running Microsoft® operating systems (64-bit versions): Windows 11®, Windows 10®, Windows 8® or Windows 7®.

Infinicyt™ cannot be installed on any other operating system without previously installing one of the supported Windows operating systems (Learn here how to use Infinicyt™ in Mac or other OS).

The Database Connector is required to work with the EuroFlow™ databases. The Database Connector must be installed after installing Infinicyt™ software version 2.0.

Minimum recommended requirements

Infinicyt™ Infinicyt™ + EuroFlow™ Database Connector
CPU 64-bit
Intel®, AMD or equivalent
Multicore with 8 or more logical cores
DISPLAY 1280 x 1024
GRAPHICS CARD Compatible with either
OpenGL® 1.3 or later,
or DirectX®9.0 or later

Please contact us to confirm the compatibility of previous software versions or if you have doubts about other specifications related to compatibility.

Connection with Information Systems

Infinicyt™ can be linked to your Laboratory Information System (LIS) in order to streamline your processes and analysis of samples.

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1. Infinicyt™ can be launched automatically through the LIS using the command line and a specific list of commands.

2. The software can read Keywords included in the FCS files that follow FCS Standards (2.0, 3.0, 3.1). This information can be later included in the Report.

3. Infinicyt™ results can be connected to the LIS using the XML Report (or PDF or images) allowing to export statistics, keywords, dot plots and other elements in a flexible and accessible manner.

Learn more information about the specifics on how to connect Infinicyt™ with your LIS and use the XML report in our FAQs.

Watch the “Infinicyt™ Connection with External Systems” videotutorial to see a demo about this topic.