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Welcome to our SIC 2021 content site

We would like to thank you for your visit and invite you to check out the information and content available below:

Come to the pre-congress course 5 – Automatic analysis at diagnosis and follow-up

On Thursday June 14th from 17:10h to 17:55h we will hold the presentation “The use of reference databases in automatic analysis: theoretical bases”.

This presentation will give you the necessary background to follow posterior sessions presented by Dr. Juan Flores and Dr. Paula Fernández.

The session will be presented by our colleague Ana Bento, Product Specialist.

Visit our Parallel Zoom Room Friday 18th June

In our Sponsor Room we have arranged different content that covers the different steps of the flow cytometry pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases. You can also take this opportunity to ask us any question you have.

  • How to evaluate the quality of your flow cytometry files.
  • Omnicyt™ CE-IVD NGF solution for high sensitivity studies.
  • State-of-the-art reporting for measurable residual disease assessment.
  • Improving efficiency & standardising hematolymphoid neoplasm diagnosis. Our experience in Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias.

Request an Omnicyt™ Online Demonstration

  • CE-IVD

  • Increased precision and reproducibility

  • Acoustic focusing

  • Flat top lasers

  • Volumetric acquisition

  • 1h online live course.
  • Basics about Omnicyt™: Learn about its unique optical and fluidic systems and how they can simplify your laboratory workflow.
  • Practical demonstration:
    • Calculation of compensation matrix using controls.
    • Create experiment templates and acquire samples. We will use the Lymphoid Screening Tube (LST) for the demo.

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Download one of our available brochures

We have created different documents related to the different solutions Cytognos provides which you can download below. Select one or more documents to download at once.

  • EuroFlow™ Onco-Hematology workflow Poster
  • Omnicyt™ Brochure
  • Monocyte subsets monitoring White Paper
  • ALOT White Paper
  • LST White Paper
  • PIDOT White Paper
  • EuroFlow™ PID workflow Poster
  • Infinicyt™ Brochure
  • Cytognos response to COVID-19 White paper
  • BCP-ALL MRD White Paper
  • MM MRD White Paper
  • CTPC White Paper