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Cytognos and Prodotti Gianni are glad to invite you to participate in the XXXIX GIC National Conference of Flow cytometry, organized by the Italian Society of Cytometry.

Important topics about flow cytometry will be reviewed during this congress, all of them relevant for the clinical labs. To see the complete program click here.

We will participate with a presentation that will be held on June 15th entitled “ T cell Immunotherapy research”.

In this talk we present a new 7-colour panel for the identification of different subpopulations of naïve and memory T-cells, T cell subsets tube, where the FITC channel is free to include specific protein or markers. Taking full advantage of this panel you could monitor oncologic patients as well as measure the response to vaccines or infections. In addition, in a similar manner, the free FITC channel could be used for in the evaluation of immunotherapies (e.g. CAR-T cells).

Presentation: T-cell inmmunotherapy research

Our colleague Alejandra Jiménez Flores, PhD, will give a view about this interesting panel that has wide flexibility for different applications

Time: 16:20 – 16:00, June 15th 2021