The Small Sample Tube (SST) kit is an 8 color conjugated antibodies combination.

This kit contains a combination of 11-fluorochrome conjugated antibodies designed for detection of normal and aberrant lymphocyte populations of B, T and NK lineage by flow cytometry which serves as an aid in diagnosis and follow-up of Primary Lymphoma.

It is to be used in small samples with low cell counts from patients suspected from Primary Lymphoma.

Protected by patent

This product should be used in combination with the EuroFlow™ Standard Operation Procedures for instrument setup:

  • The protocol for BD FACSCanto™ II “EuroFlow SOP for Instrument set-up and compensation Version 1.2.1 – 29 October 2019” can be downloaded here.
  • The protocol for BD FACSLyric™  “EuroFlow SOP for instrument set-up and compensation for BD Lyric instrument for the 8-color panels Version 1.8 – 1 July 2019” can be downloaded here.