Lymphoclonal™-12 is a 12-color mixture for screening of B-cell lymphoma within a variety of clinical samples when the pre-test probability is low or unknown. This is particularly useful in paucicellular specimens such as fine needle aspirate, core biopsy, pleural, ascitic and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) where limited sample is available.

In comparison to the Lymphoclonal™-9 kit, this combination also includes CD5 and CD10 antibodies, making possible complete assessment of normal B-cell maturation and subclassification of B-cell lymphoma, and CD38 antibody for the identification of other leukocyte populations (e.g. plasma cells). Likewise, the lyophilized form provides a more stable mixture.

Pacific Blue™ OC515™ FITC PE PerCP-Cyanine5.5 PE-Cyanine7 APC APC-C750™
CD4 + CD20 CD45 CD8 + SmIgLambda CD56 + SmIgKappa CD5 CD19 CD3 + CD10 CD38


B-cell stages analysis in a bone marrow sample stained with Lymphoclonal™-12

*Nguyen V et al. Customised single tube 14 parameter, 8 colour Lymphoma Screening Panel. Poster session at: 38th Annual Scientific Meeting Australasian Cytometry Society; 2015 Oct 11-14; Perth, Australia.

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