1. Are your flow cytometry results relevant for the diagnosis of patients and clinical decision-making processes?

Flow Cytometry is a powerful, flexible and reliable technique that allows us to obtain clinically relevant data for the study of different diseases at separate stages of the disease: diagnosis, characterization, monitoring…

2. Are you obtaining the required level of sensitivity for all applications?

“We would like to reach a sensitivity of around 10-6 which is comparable to NGS and other molecular techniques”

3. Would you like to optimize your report of results and introduce more clinically relevant data?

Accurate assessment of the status of the patient and interpretation of results might be achieved through the analysis of flow cytometry data and focus on novel parameters such as sample quality, after-treatment conditions…

4 Do you want to reduce your analysis time and reporting?

Reducing Turn Around Time (TAT) will not only increase your productivity but also provide the clinician with sooner results, allowing faster interpretation of results and clinical decision-making.

5. Are you dealing with novel treatments that are associated with new technical problems? How could these be overcome?

Novel treatments and diverse responses to treatment are associated with different technical issues that have a great impact on results, making their analysis, reporting and interpretation more complex.

6. Are you interested in accessing up-to-date information regarding diagnosis and monitoring of different disease entities?

Today’s busy work routines pose a great challenge to stay updated and get access to the last available information on each topic but at the same time this in the basis of your work and for obtaining high-quality results.

At Cytognos we have developed a complete solution aimed at the achievement of a high-quality and standardized workflow that can be implemented at any laboratory independently of your location, objectives and available resources, in order to fulfill your needs and reach your goals.

Our state-of-the-art methodology is based on the scientific knowledge originated from our collaboration with various scientific leaders and experts all around the world, such as the EuroFlow™ Consortium (Learn more about the EuroFlow™ consortium here).

Depending on your objectives and the clinical applications you want to establish we will provide you with the required information, knowledge, and customized advise about the products that better adapt to your individual needs.

Let us know about your laboratory, your needs, pitfalls you are facing and the next objective you would like to achieve, and we will be glad to get to know you and walk this path with you.

“Embrace Next Generation Flow™”

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