The Omnicyt™ CE-IVD flow cytometer provides a combination of precision, performance and reproducibility for your clinical cell analysis. In a field steadily evolving through standardization, Cytognos provides an important tool for the implementation of an efficient and reliable workflow, complementing the value of the Infinicyt™ software and the multiple reagent solutions which are based on the scientific excellence of EuroFlow™.

What’s acoustic focusing

– High flow rates of highly diluted samples

– Less doublets

– Anti-clogging technology

– Low fluid consumption: no fluidics cart is required

The system is capable to detect bubbles stopping the acquisition and allowing to save previous data maintaining data files quality

– No loss of valuable information

– Save time

– No loss of sample

– Safe acquisition

– High versatility

– Quick acquisition at the fastest flow rate

Variable particle velocity:

  • 12,5 – 200 uL/min > 4 m/second
  • 500 – 1.000 uL/min > 8 m/second

– Decreases acquisition time with highly diluted samples

– High flexibility

– Big accuracy

– Allows flexibility and a quicker acquisition

What are flat top lasers?

– Robust, sensitive and stable system

– Less misalignment issues

– Less need of calibration

– Increases 10X lifetime

– Less technical service issues

– Detection of small particles

– Detection of erythrocytes simultaneously with any leucocyte population in no lyse no wash protocol with whole blood and bone marrow samples

– All the samples are saved even if they have not been recorded during acquisition

– Possibility to save all events including electronic aborts

– Useful for the study of samples with rare populations

– MRD studies

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  • 3 lasers
    • Blue laser: 488 nm, 50 mW
    • Violet laser: 405 nm, 50 mW
    • Red laser: 637 nm, 100 mW
  • 13 individual detectors:
    • 11 fluorescent detectors
    • 2 of light dispersion (FSC + SSC)
  • Fluorescence sensitivity:
    • <80 MESF for FITC
    • <30 MESF for PE
    • <70 MESF for APC
  • Set of optimized filters for clinical cytometry most used fluorochromes:
    • VL-1: 440/50 (PacB; BV421; SB436; PR436)
    • VL-2: 512/25 (OC515; PacO*; AmCyan; BV510)
    • VL-3: 603/48 (BV605; PacO*; SB600; PR600)
    • VL-4: 710/50 (BV711; SB702)
    • BL-1: 530/30 (FITC)
    • BL-2: 574/26 (PE)
    • BL-3: 695/40 (PerCP-Cy5.5)
    • BL-4: 780/60 (PE-Cy7)
    • RL-1: 670/14 (APC)
    • RL-2: 720/30 (Alexa700; APC-A700)
    • RL-3: 780/60 (APC-C750; APC-H7; APC-Cy7)

*This fluorochrome can be detected by several filters.

  • Flat-top parallel lasers with fixed alignment:
    • High stability and sensitivity
    • Lower calibration frequency
  • Volumetric system:
    • Allows absolute cell counts (cells/µL)
    • Low fluid consumption: no fluidics cart is required
    • Allows different types of tubes (Ø 17×100 mm and 8.5×45 mm)
    • Recovery of unacquired volumes in loaded samples
  • Acoustic assisted hydrodynamic focusing:
    • Higher reproducibility and accuracy even at high rates
    • Flow rate between 12.5 and 1,000 µL/min: 12.5, 25, 100, 200, 500 and 1.000 µL/min
    • Higher acquisition rate of diluted samples
    • The acoustic focusing system works only from the flow rate: 100 µL/min. At 12.5 and 25 µL/min, the fluidic system works as a standard hydrodinamic system
  • Anti-clogging technology:
    • Reduced risk of clogging even with high concentration samples
  • Digital system with 20 bits and 1,048,576 channels.
  • Electronic pulse: area, height and width for all detectors.
  • Acquisition rate: up to 35,000 events/sec*.

*This is the electronic resolution at optimal conditions; diagnostic samples are not intended to be acquired at this rate.

  • Full matrix compensation, in manual or automatic modes.
  • Up to ~20 million events can be recorded in a single file.
  • Prevents data loss since aborted events, including aggregates, are recorded. Notice that aggregates may contain cells of interest such as plasma cells*.

* Files may present higher percentage of doublets than expected.

  • Running stops when acquisition problems, such as bubbles, are detected.
  • Manufacturing standards comply with ISO 13485:2016
  • CE-IVD

Benchtop cytometer with fluid bottles stored within:

  • 40 x 58 x 43 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 29 Kg

No fluidics cart is required.

  • Performance Tracking Beads (3mL) (CYT-OMNI-PTB). Download PTB Lot Installers.
  • Focusing Fluid (10L) (CYT-OMNI-FF).
  • Debbuble Solution (50mL) (CYT-OMNI-DBS).
  • Shutdown Solution (250mL) (CYT-OMNI-SD).
  • Washing Solution (250mL) (CYT-OMNI-WS).

See the complete product list and more information

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High sentivity flow cytometry solutions

Next Generation Flow™ solution for Primary Immunodefiencies

EuroFlow™ Rainbow target values for Omnicyt™

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The Omnicyt software enables powerful user-defined experimental analysis via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Advanced tools provide simple acquisition and analysis for users at all experience levels.

Ease of use

  • Intuitive functionality-adjust flow rates, compensation and voltages through intuitive user interface
  • Less learning time-simple user interface with guided workflows
  • Easy instrument operation-automated maintenance and instrument performance monitoring


  • Quickly run flow cytometry experiments; less scrolling and clicking
  • Increase productivity; live-streaming update of statistics during acquisition of events
  • Fast refresh rates for large data sets of up to 20,000,000 events per sample and indeed, it’s posible to add more events with Append option

Guided functionality

  • Guided functions for automated or easy user-defined compensation
  • Automated maintenance: Start Up, Shutdown, Rinse, Santize Omnicyt™ SIP, Deep Clean, Sanitize, System Decontamination, Autosampler Calibration
  • Automated Data and Database backup to ensure data redundancy

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Visual management buttons and icons help navigate workflows and running experiments. The software allows for:

  • Customizable experimental workflows–pre-define settings for plots, gates, experiments, reports, and overlays
  • Preview screens–easy set-up by showing all plot combinations instantaneously for easy experimental set-up
  • Guided functions–for automated or easy user-defined compensation


  • Heat map for easy setup of plate based assays
  • Sample Recovery to return unused sample to save precious samples
  • Hierarchy view of plots to instantly view complex gating strategies


  • User customizable Wait-to-Record function
  • Ability to set user options for default settings for gates, plots, fonts, colors, and group/sample names
  • Visual appearance of the plots is completely customizable; fonts, colors, titles legends and much more can appear exactly the way you want

Publication quality data

  • Smartgate labeling to customize quad gate names and target names
  • Add text, statistics and even images to immediately present data
  • One-click saving of high resolution plots in a variety of file formats including XML, FCS, and even ZIP, for multiple files concurrently
  • Overlay module to perform comparative analysis of single and dual parameter data
  • Preview plots to instantly view all combinations of parameters in a file

User management

  • Levey-Jennings and Performance History reports of baseline and performance tests to monitor trends
  • Ability to create and manage multiple user accounts
  • System access based on user account privileges

System logs amount of time between user logon / logoff and number of tubes run per account per period of time

Note: The Omnicyt Flow Cytometer includes a dongle and 1 license for the Omnicyt Software plus a dongle and 1 license for the Infinicyt Software The Omnicyt software may be downloaded onto more than one computer, however the software will only run on computers that also have a dongle inserted. Users then can export FCS files in 3.0 and 3.1 format for use in other analysis programs such as Infinicyt Software.

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Software simplifies data acquisition with a dashboard that provides the tools for immediately viewing acquisition status and for setting acquisition stopping criteria. The application settings feature automatically adjusts voltage settings to daily changes in cytometer performance, so that users can run existing applications more simply and quickly.

Click on the image for more information

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Compensation is both rapid and accurate using a guided software system. Users are only required to prepare the proper controls and adjust the voltage gates. The system adjusts the compensation and applies it to the samples.

Compensation tools

  • Automated compensation setup allows rapid and accurate compensation and helps to eliminate tedious trial and error adjustments
  • Both negative and unstained gating parameters are available
  • On-plot compensation for fine-tune adjustment
  • Modification of compensation to add or remove parameters as needed after compensation is set up
  • Setup and collect compensation controls directly from a plate

Click on the image for more information

Click on the image for more information

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Omnicyt No-Wash No-Lyse Filter Kit

The Omnicyt™ No-Wash No-Lyse Filter Kit enables configuration of the Omnicyt™ with an additional side scatter channel off of the violet laser, allowing no-lyse no-wash immunophenotyping of whole blood. The Omnicyt™ cytometer is quickly and easily configured to collect violet side scatter by changing dichroic and emission filters.

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